Together, with a multidisciplinary approach, I am committed to making a lasting difference in the world of architecture and construction.

Let’s Build Together

I am proud to be affiliated with the Architecture and Construction Science Research Teams at Texas A&M University. My most recent project, ‘Gamification for Construction Assembly,’ focuses on leveraging virtual reality to transform the way construction professionals learn and develop their assembly skills.

With a commitment to revolutionizing the learning experience and embracing emerging technologies, I believe in the power of gamified learning and immersive virtual reality to enhance the training process for construction assembly. By combining interactive experiences with real-world applications, I aim to equip professionals with the skills and confidence needed for complex construction tasks.

I have expertise in topics ranging from Virtual Reality, Architecture to E-Commerce, Business and Building Information Modelling.

I excel in Market Penetration Strategies, Marketing, Management, Business Analysis, and B2B Relationship Management. I thrive on pushing boundaries and delving into diverse areas of knowledge within the architectural and construction industry.

  • Market Strategy

  • AEC Dynamics

  • Process Development

  • Data Analysis

Market Strategy

I excel in developing effective growth and market strategies tailored to the unique needs of the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry.

AEC Dynamics

I have collaborated with professionals across the AEC spectrum, enabling me to navigate the complexities of multidisciplinary teams.

Process Development

I specialize in optimizing processes within the AEC industry to streamline workflows, enhance productivity, and maximize project outcomes.

Data Analysis

With my expertise in data analysis, I can help you unlock valuable insights from your project data that provide a deeper understanding of your projects' performance.

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