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I’m improving the Design and Construction Industry with Technology.


Ph.D. Construction Science, Texas A&M University
M.E.D., Architecture, M.N.I.A.
Bush School Graduate, Texas A&M University

Hassan is a skilled Architect, VR developer, who has also earned a Ph.D. in Construction Science from the prestigious Texas A&M University. He is an avid researcher with a wealth of knowledge and more than a decade of expertise in architecture, visualization and construction. He is the founder of Chronos Studeos, a design and visualization company with an international presence. His most popular research study created the VR Construction Lab where he implemented game design technology crucial for construction assembly education. Additionally, he has taken part in studies looking into the application of VR technology to instruction and training in construction education. He has received recognition for his works in the Metaverse space. Hassan’s skills as a VR developer, which he has utilized to produce immersive training simulations and educational experiences for clients, match his knowledge of architecture and design. He is a Certified Unity (game engine) VR Educator and has also gained other certifications in Gamification of Training and Unity VR Essential Pathways. He has worked in the industry, providing BIM and VR content for construction product manufacturers. His expertise with content design and user testing is recognized.

Exploring new frontiers of BIM and Virtual Reality
Exploring improved project performance on construction projects with Digital Twins
Encourages young entrepreneurs who harbour a similar talent and passion
Occupies strategic positions in established businesses.

My philosophy and how I work

At my core, I am an innovator!

Discover my story and how I am revolutionizing the Architecture & Construction Industry.

Throughout my career, I have worked on a wide variety of projects, including mixed-use complexes, malls, residential and commercial developments, and I have overseen projects ranging from $40,000,000 to $60,000,000. I am passionate about using technology to streamline the design and construction process, and I am a specialist in Building Information Modeling (BIM), Virtual Reality (VR), and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC).

As an experienced public speaker, I am frequently invited to speak at conferences in my industry, and I have taught many design and visual communication classes at Texas A&M University. I am also a published author and have written several articles on architecture, design, and construction that have been featured in various publications.



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