I created a simple yet elegant design for the website that made it easy for users to navigate and find the information they were looking for. The website was designed to enable designers and/or customers to order prints of their drawings in just a few clicks.

About the Project

PrintMyDrawings is a professional and user-friendly website that allows users to easily upload their architectural, engineering, construction drawings and order prints. The website offers a wide range of printing options, including black and white, color and graphic printing. PrintMyDrawings also has competitive prices and offers same-day delivery in Lagos.

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The first step was to create a wireframe of the website. I wanted to make sure that the website had a clean and modern look, while also being easy to use. Once the wireframe was approved, I moved on to designing the website using color palettes synonymous to printing colors i.e CMYK.

The blog section of is a crucial element of the website, as it aims to educate readers about printing best practices and provide them with basic design drawing education. As a website designer, I understand the importance of keeping readers informed and engaged, which is why I ensured that the blog section was an integral part of the website’s design.

One of the key features of the website is the integration with an e-commerce platform. This allows customers to order their drawing design prints directly from the website, making the ordering and tracking process fast and simple. I worked closely with the client to ensure that the e-commerce platform was integrated seamlessly into the website design alongside a live chat feature.

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