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Don’t be afraid to make mistakes when you are trying to build something.

I’m Hassan Anifowose, the host of the Creative Architects Event, and I’m a serial Entrepreneur and Architect. I co-founded Chronos Studeos, Chronos Stores, and PrintMyDrawings. Since founding Chronos Studeos, I have actively contributed to the visualization industry in Nigeria on a large scale. During this event, I shared some insights on how to make innovation happen, drawing from my experience. Keep reading to find out more about the insights I shared.

Big brands innovate to stay ahead.

Hassan Anifowose

As Architects, clients have problems that need solving. As you grow, you streamline your process and keep solving problems in the same way. But at some point, you need to innovate to do things differently as you get bigger. The key is to develop innovative solutions that address the evolving, complex problems of clients.

If you are building a team, then this section is highly important.

There are 6 major types of people you should have working with you.

  • The Genius – has all the ideas, does all the thinking, and understands the process.
  • The Superstar – Gets a lot of work done and is passionate about it.
  • The Leader people want to talk to when there is a problem – who encourages them to play their part.
  • The Industry veteran – knows the industry and understands how it functions.
  • The Sales animal – Moves with the product or service, pitches the benefits and ensures that money comes in.
  • The Financial Suit – Knows the numbers and runs the cost analysis.

There is a certain number of people that can get together and be innovative. Research shows this number to be between 4-6. Try to keep that hot circle of innovative people. The smaller it is, the harder it is to come up with an innovative solution, the larger it is, the harder it gets for everyone to work in a unified direction. Read more here.

How can you make Innovation happen?

Sharing from my personal experience in a 48hr Hackathon where I had worked with a team as part of an experiment to prove how innovation really works, here are three major arms of making innovation happen:

    Implement the matching theory – match the problem or brief with the problem solver. When your client gives you a brief, know that there are specific people that will make it happen. The process gets people to think about the solution to a problem.

As a firm believer in the power of brainstorming, I can attest to its effectiveness in generating innovative solutions. By implementing the matching theory, you can ensure that the right people are involved in the problem-solving process from the very beginning. This helps to streamline the process and increase the chances of success.

    Prototype, test, and repeat – create a prototype of your solution and test it. This will help you to refine the idea and make it better.

Innovation is not a one-time event. It requires constant testing and refining to ensure that the solution meets the needs of the end-user. By creating a prototype and testing it, you can gather valuable feedback and insights that will help you to improve the idea and make it more effective.

    Get the right team – bring the right people onboard who can help to execute the solution. Innovation is a collaborative effort and having the right team is essential to its success.

As an entrepreneur, I have learned the importance of assembling the right team for any project. By bringing together individuals with the right skills and experience, you can ensure that the solution is executed effectively and efficiently. This not only increases the chances of success but also helps to build a strong foundation for future innovation.

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Hassan Anifowose
Hassan Anifowose

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