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Making Innovation Happen – Hassan Anifowose Speaks at Creative Architects

Innovation is the key to success. As architects and entrepreneurs, we are constantly faced with complex problems that require innovative solutions. To stay ahead of the game, it’s important to develop new and creative ways of solving these problems.

Hassan Anifowose, a serial entrepreneur and architect, recently shared his insights on how to make innovation happen. He emphasized the importance of assembling the right team and implementing the matching theory to ensure that the right people are involved in the problem-solving process.

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Hassan Anifowose Featured on Africa Modern

Hassan Anifowose, an Architect and Entrepreneur, shares his experience and advice on Africa Modern. He emphasizes the importance of doing the work and not shying away from responsibilities. Anifowose draws inspiration from nature and describes his design style as simplistic with a feature that draws attention. As an African creative, he has faced doubts about his capabilities due to his skin color, but he uses it as motivation to prove them wrong. Currently, he is working on several projects and is focused on improving the design and construction ecosystem in Nigeria with the use of technology.

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